2021 Jaguar XE Prices Reduced By 18% In The UK To Boost Sales


2021 Jaguar XF and XE have their variants simplified along with the respective price reduction; prices could also go down in other international markets

Across the global markets, the trend towards people opting to choose SUVs and crossovers over sedans has been apparent. The last couple of years have been rather tumultuous for the car manufacturers as they had to deal with many setbacks. Jaguar Land Rover, in particular, had to retreat from many of its future plans, as Brexit, recession, health crisis and low demand in China hampered any sort of progress.

The Jaguar luxury division has been enduring the tougher time but it won’t be discontinuing its comparatively less popular products like the XE and XF. The British brand will be slashing prices to grab customers’ attention in the closing stages of this year and it will also focus on brimming the sedan duo with new features and better specifications on-board.

The XF range has its variants reduced from 64 to 28 while the smaller XE is now available only with 13 trims as opposed to 24 previously. Jaguar believes that the move helps in reducing production complexities and retaining the key features liked by the consumers. The company acknowledges the high competitiveness present in the segments both the sedans are available in.

Jaguar says that rivalling BMW and Mercedes-Benz in these classes is a “really big challenge” and it is the reason why a holistic approach is followed. Jaguar will cut prices in the European markets and also in the United States. Currently, only the prices in the United Kingdom are available as the XF will see a price drop of 18 per cent and the XE by 16 per cent reportedly.

The 2021 Jaguar XF now costs £32,585 (Rs. 31.02 lakh) with a reduction of £2,410 (Rs. 2.29 lakh) while the XE is priced at £29,365 (Rs. 27.95 lakh) with a drop of £5,235 (Rs. 4.98 lakh). In comparison, the BMW 5-Series carries a sticker tag from £38,600 and the 3-Series from £31,110. It will be interesting to see whether the prices will be reduced in India or not.

The price drop is exclusive to the XE and XF as other models will continue to be on sale in their existing prices.