2021 BMW 5-Series Facelift Revealed Through Leaked Images

2021 bmw 5-series facelift-1-2

As shown by the alleged leaked images, the upcoming 2021 BMW 5-Series facelift gets a larger kidney grille as per the company’s latest styling theme also seen on the new 7-series

It looks like the 2021 BMW 5-Series facelift has been revealed through a set of leaked images that surfaced internet earlier today. If these images are indeed of the updated G30 BMW 5-Series, they pretty much confirm most of the speculations going around about the new model.

Like expected, the G30 BMW 5-Series facelifted gets a larger kidney grille, which is something that is fast becoming a common feature of Bimmers. Other than the new grille, the car also gets sharper headlights and new taillamps. Also, the nameplate of the vehicle looks more modern than before and in line with what we’ve seen on the latest 3-series.

Towards the rear end, you can make out from the images that of the edges of the bumper are now better sculpted, while the lower diffuser has been made to look a tad sportier. Even the overall shape of the taillamps is different but the change is only minor and it would take a trained eye to make out the difference. Other than all this, even the trunk lid seems to have been updated.

2021 bmw 5-series facelift-2

Coming to the taillamp graphics, the current G30 5-series gets the characteristic dual-level mirrored L-shape light signature but the new units will have something different to offer. While the hockey stick pattern will be retained, it will be hollowed. The facelift will ditch the traditional look of lighting signature and will have a single level light graphics.

Going by what has been revealed from the images, the BMW 5-series facelift looks a lot like the latest 3-series, which isn’t a bad deal if you’ve always liked the way the latest 3-series has looked. It won’t be wrong to say that the updated 5-series now looks like a proper bigger sibling of the 3-series.

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Well, the biggest question that arises is if BMW has done enough to make the 5-series look as sharp as the facelifted Mercedes E-Class and the all-new Audi A6. The only way to find out is once BMW releases the entire set of official images of the refreshed sedan.