2019 Harley Davidson Livewire Electric Bike Unveiled

2019 harley davidson livewire Production Model

The electric bike Livewire was unveiled at the 115th anniversary of Harley Davidson and the launch is expected to take place in 2019

Harley Davidson has more than 100 years of heritage but if they want to continue the sales momentum in future then they have to adapt to the latest technology and trends or else they will be left behind. The company is going to introduce its first electric bike Livewire next year.

The electric bike Livewire was unveiled at the 115th anniversary of Harley Davidson and it took inspirations from the Livewire concept from 2014. Paul James, Director of Programme Management at Harley Davidson said that the engineers have been working on this project for years and now they showcased the final product to the public now.

The company is focusing on connectivity with Livewire as our life is revolving around smartphones and we can’t keep them out even if we are riding or driving. The phone can be paired with the Livewire via Bluetooth and this will help the rider to attend calls. The navigation system is also part of it and the application in the phone will alert rider when charging is complete.

The company hasn’t given details about specification or battery pack, but we can expect good performance as the electric bike comes with Brembo brakes. The engineers have also focused on reducing heat from the battery pack as they positioned air-cooling fans on the power pack just right so that it can work efficiently.

The handling of Livewire will be very different compared to current Harley bikes as it comes with fully adjustable Showa suspension at front and rear. The tuning might be focused on handling rather than comfort. One thing we can confirm is that Livewire will come with fast charging capability.

Harley Davidson has given a twist and go transmission through a step-down gearbox. The company is planning to introduce 21 new models in the next four years. These new products will compete in different segments like an adventure bike, sports, naked and urban mobility e-bikes.