2018 Zero Motorcycles Electric Lineup Announced With Improved Range

The new 2018 Zero electric bike lineup features new batteries that promise faster charging along with an enhanced range

Renowned American electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles has announced its line up for 2018 year. The newly unveiled motorcycles will come with a better range. For this purpose, the company has also announced three new batteries that go by the name ZF14.4, ZF3.6 and ZF7.2. These new lithium ion batteries are maintenance free and will be offered with five year, unlimited km warranty.

Zero Motorcycles claims that the new batteries offer 10 percent more range and charge six times faster in comparison to its existing products. The brand has also introduced ZF3.6 Power Tank that will extend the range of the bikes to 350 kms. The power tank comes as an optional accessory.

2018 zero motorcycles line up announced

Regarding the announcement of new 2018 range, Mr Todd Anderson, who is the Vice President of Marketing, Sales and aftersales at Zero Motorcycles stated that the company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the electric motorcycle space. The top honcho further stated that the riders who have been waiting for quick charging on bikes along with a good range will not have to wait any further to go electric.

Besides the new batteries, Zero Motorcycles has also introduced an all-new Charge Tank that offers six times faster charging when compared to the standard charger. The new charger supports all Zero electric models namely S, SR, DS and DSR. When coupled with the standard charger, the Charge Tank drops the time of charging for ZF7.2 models to one hour. In case of ZF14.4, the charging time gets dropped to 2 hours.


With the arrival of new batteries, other updates that can be seen and felt on the new Zero Motorcycle range include 11 percent more rear wheel torque for models that have been equipped with the ZF7.2 battery. The set up delivers 30 percent more power and torque for ZF14.4 Zero S and DS models. needless to say, the new 2018 Zero Motorcycle range will be seen with new graphics and colours to make them look distinct in comparison to the previous models.