2017 Zero Motorcycles Lineup Revealed

2017 Zero Motorcycles lineup has six different electric bikes based around two separate chassis; gets 11% power boost

Zero Motorcycles is known for its range of sporty and high-quality electric bikes. The American electric bike manufacturer has unveiled its 2017 lineup, which includes six different models based around two different chassis. The California-based company has released some promo video for its high-quality and affordable electric bikes.

The six Zero bikes come with different battery configurations. These bikes are the Zero FX, FXS, SR, DSR, S and DS. The Zero FX and FXS share the same chassis and they are the most lightweight and most affordable models from the brand. Both these models come available with a 3.3 kWh and a 6.5 kWh battery option.


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The larger 6.5 kWh battery delivers 46 hp of peak power and 105 Nm of peak torque. This battery provides a 132 km running range to the Zero FX, while the same battery delivers bit more running range for the Zero FXS. The company claims, this battery needs 9 hours to get fully charged and it enables the e-bikes to run around 86 kilometers at a speed of 88 kmph. The charging time can be reduced to 1.7 hours with the additional chargers.

The Zero S, SR, DS and the DSR share another lightweight aluminum chassis. These models have been developed to deliver even higher performance. The updated Zero R comes with an increased power output of 70 hp and peak torque of 157 Nm. The battery option for all these four models are a 13 kWh unit, while the S and DS models get a 6.5 kWh unit as well.


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So far, the power output of the Zero models have been increased by 11%. Also, the 5-year unlimited-range battery warranty truly gives the owner peace of mind. The cloud-based software update function through mobile app; makes the Zero bikes pretty attractive. And for those, who think electric bikes are boring; you can actually do a wheelie with these electric models.