Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Comparison Shootout Review

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Our Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter review will help you make a clear decision over which scooter to choose for your needs

Back in 2000, Honda Two-Wheelers launched the Activa for the first time in India, being completely unaware that the scooter will do wonders for the company. Positioned as a unisex automatic scooter, the Activa earned a lot of admirers right from its inception due to its smooth motor and absence of any direct rival.

The company didn’t have to implement any major changes to the scooter with time as its majestic sales figures did all the talking. At present, after 17 years of its birth, the Activa is still going strongly in its fourth generation despite the market having a decent number of options in different segments.

Hence, we decided to put the Honda’s best-seller against the second best thing in market when it comes to sales – the TVS Jupiter. The Jupiter became the fastest scooter to reach the 1 million sales mark in India and makes its case as a worthy contender for the Activa.

But which one you should actually buy? Let’s find out:

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Design and Styling

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-3The Honda Activa has remained more or less the same in comparison to the first generation model launched well over a decade back. The fourth generation edition comes with some slight changes to the front apron and gains a 4G badge at the rear side panels. The overall design is still mature enough to be accepted generously by both the sexes and hence, is perceived as a two-wheeler that can be ridden simply by any gender or age group. The overall design of the scooter is basic & curvy and has a no nonsense language attached to it.

The TVS Jupiter, on the other hand, in its 2017 model gets only some cosmetic updates while retaining the overall design. The scooter in comparison to the Activa looks sharp and modern. The front end has a bold appearance and the stylish black alloy wheels add up to the visuals.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-9The interior panels can be chosen in dark or beige shades and the option of latter is available only on the ZX trim. The side profile of the TVS Jupiter also has a more appeal than the Activa as it has more creases and lines than the former. Overall design appeals more to the youngsters and the scooter has a better style quotient.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Engine and Performance

Both these scooters now come with BS-IV compliant engines and hence see slight change in power and torque figures, courtesy of the fine tuning to meet the next stage emission norms. The engine in the Activa displaces 109 cc and the best part is, it carries forward the refinement and butter smooth nature which has always remained its key highlight.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-17 Power and torque figures of the scooter stand at 8 bhp and 9 Nm respectively. The scooter has a good initial pick up and be it cruising on open roads or zipping through the traffic, the engine makes you do that all that quite effortlessly.

The TVS Jupiter, on the other hand, has been fitted with a 110 cc motor that sheds out slightly low respective power and torque figures of 7.88 bhp and 8 Nm when compared to the Activa. The engine is not that refined but feels peppy and has a more punch than the Honda. Less power figures and comparatively lesser engine refinement makes the Jupiter feel slightly underpowered when compared with the Activa. The Jupiter has a better exhaust note out of the two in our opinion.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-18While the company claims a mileage of 60 kmpl with the Activa, the Jupiter claims to return a slightly better figure of 62 kmpl. However, when we tested them, the Activa returned around 49 kmpl while the Jupiter gave close to 52 kmpl.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Ride Quality and Handling

The Honda Activa sits on a diamond frame and comes fitted with bottom link type suspension upfront along with hydraulic spring aided shock absorbers at the rear. The scooter feels a bit nervous on uneven roads and you need to be careful while going through deep potholes.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-15The scooter gets 10-inch steel wheels paired with 90/100 tyres at the front as well as rear. Braking is done with the help of 130 mm drum brakes fitted at both ends. These work decently and come coupled to Honda Combi Braking System (CBS) under which both brakes get applied automatically while pressing the rear brake lever only in a predefined ratio. This is done in order to avoid chances of skidding and deliver an effective braking.

The TVS Jupiter, on the other hand, has been bolted on an underbone type frame and comes equipped with telescopic forks upfront along with gas charged shock absorbers at the rear. Courtesy this better suspension set up, the Jupiter has a better ride quality than the Activa and feels more comfortable even while passing through broken surfaces.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-10The scooter also receives bigger 12-inch black alloy wheels that not only look sporty but also have a decent grip. The braking of the scooter is done with the help of 130mm drum brakes at both ends. Like the Honda’s CBS, the TVS Jupiter also comes with a similar mechanism and the company has named it Sync Braking System (SBS). To enhance the braking performance further, TVS is even offering a front disc brake as an option.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Switchgear, Ergonomics and Features

As one would always expect from Honda’s standards, the quality of the switchgear and the fit & finish is top notch in the Activa. The riding position on this scooter is quite upright and the daily commutes won’t feel hectic. The scooter gains a USB charging port in its fourth generation and hence, you need not worry about your phone running out of power while you are on the run.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-5The switch gear quality on the TVS Jupiter is also decent. The seat is wide and comfortable and the Dura Cool seat that comes on the ZX variant is being claimed to have 10 degree lesser temperature than the surroundings.

The TVS Jupiter gets a pass by switch that is absent in the Activa. Besides, the scooter also gets an easy centre stand that is actually not a marketing gimmick and eases the task in real.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-6The Jupiter also comes with the company’s signature Eco and Power modes in the instrument cluster to keep a check on the fuel economy with a low fuel warning indicator alongside. Other added features include twin pilot lamps, an optional front disc brake, dual side handle lock and most importantly, an external fuel fill.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Verdict

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-13All said and done, it cannot be declared straightaway that one of them emerges as the clear winner. While the Activa has its pros in the form of a super refined engine and a slightly bigger fuel tank of 5.3 litres, the Jupiter packs in far more number of features.

The Honda Activa currently retails in India at a price of Rs. 50,846 in a single variant only while the Jupiter with more number of features is slightly cheaper at Rs. 50,051 (both prices, ex-showroom, Delhi) for the base model. For this reason, the Jupiter makes for a case of a better value for money proposition.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter comparison-16As you move up the Jupiter range, you will get added features, a front disc brake for instance. Hence, if we have to pick one out of the two, the Jupiter wins in this comparison review. The Honda Activa can be a more well-rounded package with the addition of more features that we would really like to see in the next update.

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