2016 TVS XL 100 Launched in Tamil Nadu At Rs. 29,539

2016 TVS XL 100 Tamil nadu (2)

2016 TVS XL 100 is the most affordable two-wheeler in the market today primarily used for cargo transporting by vendors across the country

TVS Motors has just launched a new variant of the XL. After the two-stroke and other variants of the past it is time of the four-stroke motor with more performance, emissions and efficiency. TVS recently celebrated this product as it sold over 1 crore unit since inception. The product continues to the help TVS gain traction in terms of sales and numbers in every aspect. TVS this time has introduced mechanical and cosmetic changes to the XL and is only available fro sale in the state of Tamil Nadu only.

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Desgin wise it is a hardcore commuter for carrying payload. The 2016 TVS XL 100 remains the no-nonsense vehicle for commuting too. The vehicle is gear-less and you just start and go. The TVS XL 100 is now powered by a 99.7cc air-cooled, four–stroke engine. The engine now makes 4.14 BHP of power and 6.3 Nm of torque.

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Internal testing conditions say that the 2016 TVS XL 100 has a top speed of 60 km/hr and ends up returning a mileage of 67 km/l at the same time. Chassis wise it has dual shocks at the rear and telescopic forks at the front with gators for protection. The moped has a lot of ground clearance as the engine is mounted underneath the body and chassis. The 2016 TVS XL 100 comes with a detachable seat and underneath it has rear flatbed platform with traction grip which allows a payload of 130 kgs and overall number for payload is the same.

2016 TVS XL 100 Tamil nadu (1)

2016 TVS XL 100 has a 4-litre fuel tank which should end up giving it a range of around 250 kms. 2016 TVS XL 100 is available in four colors to choose from Green, Black, Red and Blue. TVS’s website say it will be made available nationwide soon. We think it will only happen if TVS gets a demand for this vehicle and will starting transporting it accordingly.

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