2016 TVS Victor 110 Review, Test Ride

2016 TVS Victor Review

2016 TVS Victor 110 is back and now in a premium avatar as it is loaded with safety, essentials, powerful engine and class leading features

TVS has an unparalleled and unmatched system on how it does quality motorcycles, which are also brimming with practicality to the very top. They have been doing this since ever since inception. The motorcycle which got them the fame they really deserved was the one and only, Victor. The commuter motorcycle took the market by storm and then was discontinued in domestic market. It continued to be strong in the international market where it still sells.

Today the TVS Victor is back in a whole new Avatar. The motorcycle is clearly getting into the segment which is rapidly growing, the premium category. Honda, Mahindra, Bajaj had already done it and now it’s TVS. We went to the TVS test track to sample the motorcycle, and how it performs in extreme situations.

TVS Victor Ex-showroom price New Delhi

Rs. 51,715 (Disc)
Rs. 49,715 (Drum)


2016 TVS Victor 110 Review IndiaTVS has used a clean slate this time to make sure Victor look fresh, revolutionary and has the typical TVS look which represent modern day commuter motorcycles. The aggressive looking and well sculpted headlight cowl has the right balance to look attractive. The tank is stubby and small and the side panels make things look edgier.

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-7

The multi color rear suspension springs also add to the styling quotient. There are 6 colors to choose from and all of them are quite brilliant with decals done just right. The 3D emblem on the side panel and tank look great as the font chosen looks just right.

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-12

Rear, again, is almost termed as stubby and because of that, the entire motorcycle just passes the premium motorcycle because of the colors and detailing used has helped a lot. Stubby looking exhaust also adds to the overall design and gels well with the design. Rear tail-light is quite big and is a great passive safety feature too. Fit-finish and quality of materials are top notch and that is another reason why it impresses people at first glance itself. Clear lense indicator are always welcome as they look premium. The only downside in the entire package is no flap mechanism for the tank/gas cap.


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Seating position on the Victor is upright, footpegs are front set and handlebar is raised for a comfortable riding position. All of these works also because TVS have worked hard on getting the foam right of its new seats, it feels cushy and supportive at the same time and slightly raised, which gives great confidence to the rider. The red stitching is also something unique in this segment and looks great. Overall, the seat base is wide and long enough to keep pillion or high amount of luggage on it.

Speedo and Switchgear

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-31

This is where the Victor shines, analogue tachometer and digital speedometer is seen in this segment for the second time. White tachometer background reminds us the Apache’s of the past. There are solitary turn indicators, high beam and neutral shift light, two trip meter, battery and service warning indicators.

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-22

Power and economy mode are now a standard fare with TVS motorcycles. Switchgear misses out on engine kill switch. However it is cleverly replaced by a hazard light switch which turns both indicators on. The palm grip and mirrors are great and are taken from Apache, which means it lends the motorcycle a very premium look.

2016 TVS Victor 110 Review, Performance

2016 TVS Victor 110 Review mileage

The Victor uses an all new 3-valve Ecothrust engine that displaces 110cc. The engine is based on the StarCity motor, but has been heavily revised in every aspect to make sure it delivers even more when it comes to fuel efficiency, emission and driveability. The engine, as we expect from TVS nowadays is terrifically refined and NVH levels are great. The exhaust note of the motorcycle is also something to look forward too, just like the StarCity. The 3-valve engine doesn’t compromise much of the low-end torque seen on the 4-valve motorcycles say TVS. However, there is minute dip when it comes to pushy low-end grunt.

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However, it is always the mid range, which is important for the motorcycle and the Victor just flies, it pulls non-stop from 30 km/hr from 90 km/hr. Thanks to class leading power and torque figures such as 9.6 PS and 9.4 Nm of torque coming quite low in the power band despite 3-valve engine. Power comes at 7500 RPM and torque comes at 6000 RPM.

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Gearing is on the taller side and tall overdrive gear means it can cruise at any speeds and once on top of the power-band it can squeeze out that extra horsepower. At redline, the engine has vibration, which is a normal thing in all motorcycles from 100cc to 200cc from any manufacturer. Gearbox is smooth and refined and four-speed does the job very well in providing excellent drivaebility and performance.

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-5

Reason why that is done is because the average commuter never reaches redline in any gear throughout the life cycle. Overall, top notch dirveability, NVH and given that it is more efficient on paper than the StarCity, it should deliver consistent mileage of around 65 km/l and more quite easily and highway efficiency should be even higher.


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Single down tube chassis has been seen like the past commuter motorcycles from the brand. The tyres are new from TVS that are made from Remora compound that give better grip in dry and wet. TVS have taken serious pain to address to previous generation tyres.

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-3-2

Suspension wise, the traditional fare of telescopic forks and dual sided shock absorber suspension has been seen. Rear was quite soft on our bike that we witnessed while riding at the limit. Reason is because factory setting of rear suspension is at #2, number one best suited for track but not the same can be said as the road is where it spends 99.99% of the time.

2016 TVS Victor Test Ride Review-45

Handling is good, the motorcycle is light, agile and very much planted in the corners. Grip is good and on the track we could max it out very easily and yet the forgiving chassis did its job. It should do the city duties very well indeed. U-turn radius is low and it easy to ride fast and slow at the same time. Stability at top speed is commendable too. Petal disc at the front has great initial bite and stopping power post that is brilliant. Kudos to TVS to make available since day one.

2016 TVS Victor 110 Review, Verdict

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Victor, the brand name is back and that is the only part which seals the deal for the company and its loyal customer base. The motorcycle has it all this time around which includes the past strong points. Things such as great resale value, reliability, safety features, best in class features, powerful and best in class ride-ability of the engine and is extremely value for money.

2016 TVS Victor 110 Review test ride

TVS sales and service is proven to be really good and recently the reach has reached places where it was absent, such as the state of Maharashtra and many more out there. Victor is all set to win over the hearts of the customers and high chances of winning over its competition too.

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2016 TVS Victor 110 Specification
Engine: 109.7cc, air-cooled, carburetor 3-valve engine
Power: 9.6 @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 9.4 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Transmission: 4-Speed Gearbox
0 – 100 km/hr: 20 seconds (Approx)
Top Speed: 90 km/hr
Fuel Consumption: 65-70 km/l
Frame: Single Downtube frame
Suspension: Telescopic forks (Front),  Dual shock absorber (Rear)
Brakes:  Disc 240mm (Front), 130 mm Drum (Rear)
Tyres:  2.75/17 (Front), 3.0/17 (Rear)


2016 TVS Victor 110cc Dimensions
Length: 1980 mm
Width: 750 mm
Height: 1090 mm
Wheelbase 1260 mm
Ground Clearance: 180 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 litres
Kerb Weight 112/113 Disc/Drum

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Pros –

  • Fresh Design
  • Quality and Features
  • 60V bulb and disc brake option
  • Powerful and Dynamic

Cons –

  • No flap mechanism for gas cap

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