2016 Suzuki Hayate EP Released Before Delhi Auto Expo, Launch Later

2016 Suzuki Hayate EP India

The 2016 Suzuki Hayate EP comes with Suzuki Eco Performance technology

Suzuki Hayate has been the entry-level commuter motorcycle from Suzuki in India. Not doing so well despite a fantastic engine and great comfort has been because of the lack of outlet reach in rural areas. The new high-tech and improved 110cc motorcycle will surely attract more customers this time around as it is set to offer more for less.

The new Hayate EP sports a longer tank and tail along with revised mirrors and a new set of graphics. The exhaust has been tweaked and is now more longer than before. The 2016 Suzuki Hayate EP is available in 3 new colours to distinguish itself such as, Metallic Oort Grey, Pearl Mira Red and Glass Sparkle Black.

2016 Suzuki Hayate EP Launch

The motorcycle, now comes with SEP technology. In more technical terms, the engine uses the Suzuki Super Sleek Piston, high-ignition spark plug an overall low friction cylinder along with revised piston rings. All of this aids in improved combustion which makes every drop of fuel count. The higher compression ratio that is made in return of this process should allow it to make more power and use of high octane fuel means cleaner emissions.

The reduced friction and weight reduction of the engine means the motorcycle should be a lot more efficient than the past. Expect a major bump in fuel efficiency. In return the low kerb weight and class leading torque of 9.3 Nm. Despite the lowest horsepower rating in the category means pulling power should be great but top-speed could take a hit. Suzuki claims more driveability and low-end torque from this new motor.

2016 Suzuki Hayate EP Price

2016 Suzuki Hayate EP has a longer seat to provide more comfort to its riders. 2016 Suzuki Hayate EP also has the longest wheel base and a grounds up new segment standard diamond frame. Chassis wise change include new tubeless tyres, a 5-step adjustable rear shock absorber along with a maintenance-free battery added to the package. The price, fuel efficiency and other details will be made available post March 2016.

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