2016 Ford Endevaour Sales Seen a Huge Rise in First Month, Competitor Sales Decrease

2016 Ford endeavour 1st quarter

2016 Ford Endevaour Sales have seen a huge rise post launch, competitor sales decrease is a sign that the Ford has a new winner on its hand

2016 Ford Endevaour came in and how. The SUV has taken the game to whole new level. The SUV looked promising on paper and the technology it offered along with engines and transmission options is making it stand out. Needless to say it is true blue SUV in every way. Ladder on frame chassis, bulky design, wide and long at the same time and revolutionary design over the past car made it an instant hint. The old had the potential to get better and Ford has done it too. Hence, the success is enormous. 2016 Ford Endevaour sales have gone through the roof and it has sold 480 units in just one month and the percentage stands at a whopping 15900%!

Who loses with this gain is obviously its competition that has been standing still with its models without any major upgrades over the past. Fortuner had seen changes to the transmission and engine options but it wasn’t enough. The SUV has a dated design, cheap interiors and there isn’t any fun quotient expect the fact that the SUV can last longer than human life itself.

2016 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Vs Toyota Fortuner

Rexton hasn’t been able to capture market despite discounts, mouth-watering introductory prices and many such attempts. To some extent, it has hurted the sales of the XUV 500 if you consider the entire SUV segment which also includes the Safari Storme. Hyundai has had the soft roader Santa FE which has everything the other competitors don’t such as more performance, quality interior and plush design.

Model  January 16 vs January 15 % change
 Ford Endeavour  480 vs 3 15900 %
Toyota Fortuner 825 vs 1536 -46%
Hyundai SantaFE 29 vs 137 -79%
Ssangyong Rexton 3 vs 39 -92%

However, Ford Endeavour manages to do everything what everyone lacks in certain department and hence it is leading the sales chart. This is just the beginning we will see how the Ford does in the future and how consistent the sales are. We don’t doubt much that this is a clear win and an ideal choice in the segment.

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