2016 Bajaj Avenger Street and Cruise 220 Review

Bajaj Avenger Street 220 Crusie 220 (1)

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street and Cruise 220 Review : Two variants in the 220cc category aims to target multiple audience with single platform

The Bajaj Avenger is now the talk of the town. We recently tested all three variants and have given our verdict on the Avenger 150 Street. The new Avengers are based on the same platform as before but have been heavily revised in every single way. Today we talk about the Street and Cruise 220 that we sampled as well. Bajaj says they want to now want to sell 15,000 units a month instead of 4,000 units a month which Bajaj was doing over the past with just one variant of the Avenger.

Bajaj has made two 220cc variants. A chrome laden, for cruiser lovers called the Cruise 220. For the urban crawler and one with the sporty blood, the Street 220 is here with more sporty appeal to it. How do they fair and what are the differences we find out!

Bajaj Avenger 220 Prices (Ex-Showroom New Delhi):

Street 220: Rs.85,497
Cruise 220: Rs.85497


When it come to styling, the Cruise 220 is hard to look at the day. Either you need glares or park in shade because the sun constantly gleaming on endless amount of chrome can cause damage to your eyes. It is strictly advised to park in shade or stay in showroom walls when you go ahead to buy one. Chrome is every where, right from handlebar weight ends to exhaust, to the horn cover for goodness sakes!

Bajaj-Avenger-Cruise-220 (17)

Overall styling remains the same, but there tit bits are changed such as the grab handle aka back rest seat mount. Chrome spoke wheels, engine guard, footpegs, subframe bolt cover, everything else in chrome. The new badge of the Avenger series though clearly reminds of the Kawasaki age emblem that both brands made. Pin stripes on the tank, while riding, makes it look like a authentic cruiser indeed.

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