2016 Audi Sportscar Experience Kicked off at BIC

Audi Sportscar Experience 2016_BIC, Greater Noida 2

2016 Audi Sportscar Experience kicked off at BIC; helps to sharpen track driving skills and experience Audi high-performance sportscars

The 2016 edition of the Audi Sportscar Experience (ASE) has been inaugurated at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. First launched in 2012, the campaign is aimed at providing Audi customers racetrack experience and also opportunity to enrol themselves in the global initiative.

Over the reign of the last four years, more than 2,000 customers have taken part in the unique program. Notable figures like popular Indian racing driver Aditya Patel, designer Nishka Lulla and golfer Sharmila Nicolett had all been participated in the Audi Sportscar Experience and they were all credited with the Friends of Audi tag.

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The customers will also get to experience and learn how to handle the Audi luxury and sports cars on the road via techniques taught at the program by a group of certified Audi instructors including Aditya Patel who drives for Audi at the R8 LMS Cup.

The customers are taught to drive and experience the high performance sports cars like the Audi S5 Sportback, the iconic Audi TT Coupé, Audi RS 6 Avant and the Audi RS 7 Sportback. The program comprises of top speed lapping, dynamic training modules, globally acclaimed instructors and a host of high performance Audi vehicles.

Audi Sportscar Experience 2016_BIC, Greater Noida

Various driving techniques such as braking, cornering and safety actions to be considered while driving a sportscar will also be trained to the customers and enthusiasts. All the sophisticated technologies featured in the car will be experienced by the participating customers and the training takes place in a controlled format around the India’s premiere racetrack, the Buddh International Circuit.

The Audi Sportscar Experience consists of two phases namely the Audi Sportscar Experience and Audi Sportscar Experience Advanced. The former focuses on honing the driver skills such as braking, cornering, handling and improving race times on track with the guidance of the instructor. The sector training will help the driver to work out racing line before taking on the whole circuit.

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The Audi Sportscar Experience Advanced will have the priority on bonkers driving skills like over steering, under steering, taking fast lines through a particular corner for a dynamic and fun-filled experience behind the wheel. It’s worth noting that these events are conducted internationally in some of the top racing circuits like Nurburgring, Circuit de La Barcelona-Catalunya, Salzburgring, EuroSpeedway Lausitz, Spa-Francorchamps, etc.

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