1980 Royal Enfield Bullet Restored To Perfection By Eimor Customs


The rear tail lamp section for this 1980 Bullet is made by CNC machine which uses computer to control machine tools for perfection

In recent times, so many customization shops are restoring old motorcycles to give a new life for them. Some of them maintain original design, while others make slight changes to make it better for future. In this article, we are featuring a restored 1980 Royal Enfield Bullet by Eimor Customs.

Eimor Customs is a Hyderabad based customization shop and they are famous for their excellent craft in modifying bikes. The 1980 Bullet came to them from Warangal, Telangana and condition of the bike was very bad. Usually body will be damaged on old bikes and engine will be in good condition, but this time it was the other way around.

The custom shop had to make changes for engine as they want the bike to be in excellent condition to ride, and decided to continue with same design theme as old bike. They wanted to increase the length of Bullet by 6 inches but the overall retro theme needed to continue, so the entire rear section had to be completely redesigned.

The front fender, headlamp and suspension have been carried forward from stock bike, but the handlebar is new. Eimor customs redesigned fuel tank and it is bigger than stock Bullet. The pillion seat is placed on top of a grille and it can be removed within minutes, so the rider can transform Bullet into a single seater.


The seats are finished in leather and the custom shop has also given two genuine leather tan colour bags on either side. To protect these bags from colliding with tyres, they have given two metal frames on mud-guard. The rear tail lamp section is made by CNC machine which uses computer to control machine tools.

Eimor Customs have given dual gas charged shock absorbers at rear. The front and rear wheels are carried over from stock model and the braking duties are done by drum brakes at both ends. The custom shop has given lots of chrome to make the bike look classy. The mod shop didn’t reveal price as it is custom made for the requirements given by the owner.