150 Millionth Volkswagen Vehicle Rolled Off Assembly Line In Germany

The 150 millionth Volkswagen vehicle rolled off the assembly in Wolfsburg is a blue Golf GTE plug-in hybrid

Over the course of eighty long years since inauguration, Volkswagen has built 150 million vehicles as a whole. It includes some icons like the Golf and the Beetle. The German brand has more than 50 production sites in 14 countries and its current product portfolio comprises of over 60 models worldwide.

On this historic occasion, the anniversary car, a blue Golf GTE, was rolled off the assembly line in Wolfsburg. It is a plug-in hybrid which Volkswagen says a symbol of the future of mobility. This year Volkswagen is introducing over 10 new models globally as the SUV portfolio will be expanded to 19 by 2020.

VW says the I.D. family with the electric architecture (MEB) marks the beginning of a new era from 2020. One million electric Volkswagens are planned to hit the road by 2025 as sensor technology, technological digitalization and connectivity are expected to pave way for new innovations.

Volkswagen’s series production commenced on December 27, 1945 with the Type 1 Käfer. In the post-war era, it was the iconic Beetle that initially shaped the proceeding and overall 21.5 million examples of the model in different iterations were built before production ended in Mexico in 2003.

The Volkswagen Golf beat the Beetle’s record tough as the 25 millionth example was sent out of the assembly line in Wolfsburg a decade ago. By 2013, the number rose to 30 million and now Volkswagen is producing the seventh generation with more than 34 million units made worldwide.

The Wolfsburg plant’s workforce has contributed significantly in building over 44 million vehicles since production began 72 years ago. Currently, the Volkswagen brand product portfolio includes more than 60 models as over 20 million Passat, 19.5 million Jetta and almost 17 million Polo have been manufactured.