10 Years Old Diesel Vehicles Banned in Kerala by NGT

In recent times Delhi and NCR have experienced steep anti diesel vibe

Registration of Pre-Owned Diesel Vehicles Banned in Agra-1

Update: The Kerala High Court announced stay on the NGT circuit bench’s order of registering diesel vehicles of 2000cc capacity and more. However, the ban on a decade old light and heavy vehicles in the state’s six major cities remain

for two months After Delhi and NCR it’s time for Kerala. The diesel vehicles of Kerala get their dose of ban by National Green Tribunal (NGT). The NGT’s special circuit bench at Ernakulam has imposed a ban on the usage of diesel vehicles which are older than 10 years. Due this ban within 30 days the 10 year plus old diesel vehicles have to stop running on Kerala roads.

In Delhi recently Supreme Court first banned the sale of cars with engines of 2000 cc and above, which heavily affected the sales of Mercedes Benz, Mahindra, Tata Motors vehicles in Delhi and national capital region. Later the Supreme Court imposed ban on diesel taxis running on Delhi roads. Later Supreme Court permitted the diesel run taxis with all India permit to run in the region till their permit expires.

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In recent times Delhi has experienced anti diesel vibe at its best

Now in Kerala the NGT has taken a similar strict measure to curb pollution in the state. Incidentally, the Kochi has a very high and alarming pollution level, while the entire state of Kerala is no different. The interim order has been issued by justice J Swatanterkumar who is heading the special circuit bench of NGT. The petition was filed by Lawyer’s Environmental Awareness Forum (LEAF), who demanded ban on the activities of 10 year old diesel run lorries and buses, which are known for polluting the air at a large number in the region.

Due to the ban a Rs. 10000 fine will be charged on those who will run 10 year old diesel vehicles on Kerala road after 30 days. The NGT circuit bench has also ordered not to register any car in the state with diesel engines of 2000 cc or above, which is identical with the ban imposed by Supreme Court in Delhi and NCR. The public transport vehicles and local authority vehicles will not come under this rule albeit.

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