10 SUVs With The Highest Waiting Period In August 2021

tata safari-1-2

As the demand for SUVs continues to grow in India, carmakers have found it hard to keep up, thus leading to high waiting periods for select models

In India, the SUV segments continue to grow day by day. With the automobile industry now emerging from the lockdown-induced sales slump, we’re seeing a rise in car sales once again, but things aren’t as simple. The sudden rise in demand has put a lot of manufacturers in a pinch, as the demand has mostly overshadowed the production capacity of plenty of vehicles (especially SUVs).

Here, we take a look at the top ten SUVs that currently have some of the highest waiting periods in the Indian car market.

1. Mahindra Thar

Over a year

Mahindra Thar tops our list, with a massive waiting period of over twelve months for select variants! This is the most capable off-roader one can buy on a relatively small budget, and auto enthusiasts have lined up like crazy to get their hands on one. It is due to the colossal demand for the SUV, coupled with the global semiconductor shortage, that the wait for Thar is so high.

2. Hyundai Creta

Up to 9 months

For Hyundai Creta, new buyers have to wait anywhere between one to four months to take delivery. However, the base trim of this SUV has a much higher waiting period, reaching up to nine months! The Creta is the best-selling midsize SUV in the Indian market, and the manufacturer had previously revealed that its demand is almost three times more than the production capacity!

3. Nissan Magnite

Up to 8 months


Last year, Nissan launched the Magnite in India, and this little SUV singlehandedly pulled the manufacturer out of its sales slump. It is Nissan’s best-selling model in India to date, and the company has already increased its production capacity to match the high demand. The waiting period for the Magnite goes as high as eight months in a few cities across India.

4. Kia Sonet

Up to 5 months

Kia India’s current best-seller, the Sonet compact SUV, also has a long waiting period in the Indian market. Currently, new buyers could have to wait up to five months to take delivery! The little Kia crossover enjoys a lot of popularity in the Indian market, largely due to its multiple engine/transmission choices, long equipment list, and attractive pricing.

5. Kia Seltos

Up to 5 months

Kia’s other SUV offering, the Seltos, also has a high waiting period in the Indian market. Depending on the location and the variant chosen, the wait can vary from one month to five months. Just like the Sonet, the Seltos also has a plethora of powertrain options on offer, along with plenty of premium features, all available at a competitive price.

6. Tata Nexon

Up to 5 months

Tata Nexon Dark edition-3

In recent times, Tata Motors has managed to register brilliant sales growth in India, thanks to its ‘New Forever’ range of vehicles. The Nexon SUV has been selling particularly well, and the demand for it continues to grow steadily. Currently, the petrol and diesel versions of this compact Tata crossover have a waiting period of up to 5 months, while the same on the electric version (Nexon EV) is up to two months.

7. Renault Kiger

Up to 4 months

Renault entered the sub-4-metre SUV segment in the Indian car market earlier this year, with the Kiger, and it has been enjoying a decent success here. Renault’s compact crossover has a waiting period of up to four months, depending on the variant selected and the city of purchase.

8. MG Hector/Hector Plus

Up to 3 months

MG Motor India has an SUV-rich portfolio, which has helped the company achieve strong sales success in our market. The Hector and Hector Plus SUV pair are quite popular among buyers, and currently, there is a waiting period of up to three months on both, depending on the location of the dealership. The biggest reasons for these long waiting times are the strong demand among new buyers and the global semiconductor shortage.

9. Hyundai Venue

Up to 3 months

To purchase a new Venue, buyers have to wait up to three months in select cities across India. However, in a few other cities, there is no wait list, and depending on the availability of the chosen variant, one can simply purchase one at the spot! Hyundai’s compact SUV is also available with a few different engine and transmission options, which are suited to various budgets.

10. Tata Safari

Up to 3 months

tata safari-1

Launched earlier this year, the new Tata Safari has managed to gain decent popularity in the Indian market. The waiting period for the SUV ranges from one month to three months, depending on the city. A lot of buyers are opting for the higher trims of the Safari, and the homegrown carmaker had previously revealed that the demand for the top-of-the-line Adventure Persona variants is quite strong as well.