10 SUVs With Longest Waiting Period In Oct 2021 – XUV700, Creta, Sonet

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Check out our list of the top ten SUVs currently on sale in the Indian market, which have some of the highest waiting periods

SUVs are the most popular genre of vehicles in the Indian market, especially since the last couple of years. However, the demand for new cars these days is disproportionately high compared to their production, which can be attributed largely to the global semiconductor shortage. Of course, the lockdown had also played spoilsport, and it would take a while for the auto industry to fully recover from its aftereffects.

Listed below are ten SUVs that have the highest waiting period in the Indian market this month, i.e., in October 2021.

1. Mahindra Thar – up to a year

Mahindra Thar has the highest waiting of all the passenger cars currently on sale in the Indian market, reaching up to twelve months for some variants! The two main reasons for that are the high demand for it and the semiconductor chip shortage (leading to manufacturing constraints). Interestingly, despite the long wait, new buyers are continuing to book one.

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2. Hyundai Creta – up to 10 months

The Creta is Hyundai best-selling model in the Indian market, and it is one of the most popular midsize SUVs on sale in our country. The high demand for the SUV has caused the waiting period to go as high as ten months in some locations, with the minimum wait for delivery ranging between three to four months.

3. Mahindra XUV700 – up to 7 months

M&M recently launched the XUV700 in the Indian market, and the SUV received record-breaking bookings – 50,000 orders in just two days. The manufacturer has temporarily closed bookings for it, and even before deliveries commence, Mahindra has stated that the waiting period for the XUV700 has reached up to around six to seven months.

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4. Kia Seltos – up to 6 months

The Seltos was Kia’s maiden offering in India, launched back in 2019. The SUV enjoys strong popularity among buyers, making it one of the best-selling midsize SUVs in our market. Currently, new buyers could have to wait up to six months in a few cities across India to take delivery of one.

5. Kia Sonet – up to 6 months

Kia’s compact crossover, the Sonet, is also extremely popular in the Indian market. Similar to its elder sibling, the Seltos, the waiting period of the Sonet can reach up to six months in select cities across the country.

Refreshed Sonet Exterior

6. Nissan Magnite – up to 6 months

Nissan launched the Magnite in the Indian market last year, and the little SUV quickly became the brand’s best-selling model here. The demand for the Magnite is extremely high among buyers, which had prompted the manufacturer to increase production earlier this year. Despite that, the waiting period for the SUV is quite high, around six months in a few cities across India.

7. Maruti Vitara Brezza – up to 4 months

Maruti Suzuki’s sub-4-metre SUV, the Vitara Brezza, was first introduced back in 2016. The little Maruti crossover is one of the most successful compact SUVs in the Indian market, and right now, the waiting period to have one delivered is up to four months.

2020 maruti brezza facelift-1

8. Tata Nexon – up to 3 months

The Nexon is the highest-selling model in Tata’s range at the moment, and the demand for it has been massively strong in recent times. Due to that, the waiting period for the SUV currently hovers around three months. However, this is good news, considering that our dealer sources had quoted a waiting period of up to five months at the start of this month!

9. Tata Punch – up to 3 months

Tata Punch was launched in the Indian market just a few days ago, and the micro-SUV is expected to become the best-selling model in the manufacturer’s range very soon. Customers who had pre-booked the Punch will have one delivered to them without any wait! As for new bookings, our dealer sources have estimated a waiting period of around two to three months.


10. Tata Safari – up to 2 months

Tata Safari is the current flagship model in the homegrown carmaker’s range. It was launched in our market earlier this year, and the buyers’ response to it has been largely positive. At the moment, the waiting period for the Safari ranges from one to two months, across most cities in the country.