10 Highest-Selling Cars In August 2023 – Swift, Baleno, Brezza, Punch, Creta

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Pic Source: Yug Uikey

In August 2023, Maruti continued its success in the Indian car market, with Tata Punch and Hyundai Creta also making it to the top 10 list.

The passenger car sales figures in the Indian market for August 2023 are out now! Interestingly, we noticed a few major shifts and trends in the sales of top vehicles. Let’s delve into the automotive landscape that unfolded during the month of August.

First in line is the Maruti Swift, and boy, is it swift! Zooming past the competition with a jaw-dropping 65.44% surge in sales, it clocked an impressive 18,653 units. In the second spot is the Maruti Baleno. With a modest 0.53% increase in sales, it cruised to 18,516 units, just a smidge ahead of its performance last year.

The ever-reliable Maruti Wagon-R secured the third spot, despite a slight dip of 15.32% in sales compared to August 2022, still clocking in at 15,578 units. Maruti Brezza held its own at number four, showing a minor hiccup with a 4.09% sales drop compared to last August, totalling 14,572 units.

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Pic Source: Sheen Aneesh
10 Highest-Selling Cars In August 2023
Model August 2023 Sales Figures August 2022 Sales Figures
Maruti Swift (65.44%) 18,653 11,275
Maruti Baleno (0.53%) 18,516 18,418
Maruti Wagon-R (-15.32%) 15,578 18,398
Maruti Brezza (-4.09%) 14,572 15,193
Tata Punch (20.96%) 14,523 12,006
Hyundai Creta (16.55%) 13,832 11,868
Maruti Dzire (12.01%) 13,293 11,868
Maruti Ertiga (32.22%) 12,315 9,314
Maruti Fronx 12,164
Maruti Eeco (-1.08%) 11,869 11,999

Tata’s Punch made a real impact in August, storming into fifth place with a fantastic 20.96% growth, selling 14,523 units. This newcomer is throwing quite the punch! Hyundai’s Creta rocked the sixth spot with a solid 16.55% surge in sales, notching 13,832 units. It’s a force to be reckoned with in the SUV segment.

The Maruti Dzire waltzed its way to the seventh position with a graceful 12.01% sales growth, registering 13,293 units. It’s a testament to how style and substance can go hand in hand. At number eight, the Maruti Ertiga had its moment in the sun, shining brightly with a remarkable 32.22% growth, selling 12,315 units. It’s the MPV that’s making waves.

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Amol Borude – pic source

The Maruti Fronx, a newcomer in the game, didn’t waste any time making its presence felt, revving up with an impressive 12,164 units. At the tenth spot in the list of top 10 cars sold in August 2023 is the Maruti Eeco rounded. It showcased resilience with just a slight 1.08% dip in sales, totalling 11,869 units.