10 Cars Discontinued In India In 2018


Here are some of the cars discontinued in India in 2018 which include some iconic models like Tata Indica and VW Beetle

2018 has been a great year for the auto industry as sales have improved and the number of new models entering the market has seen an increase over the earlier year. But some iconic models have been discontinued in India due to the lack of volume and they won’t be able to meet the upcoming stringent emission norms and safety standards.

1. Tata Indica

Tata Motors officially ended the production of Indica after 20 years. The Indica was the first model designed and developed in India. The hatchback was so popular among Indians as it is the product, which helped the company to establish a name in the passenger car market but all the good things had to end and finally, the decision was taken to discontinue earlier this year.

2. Tata Indigo

Along with Indica, the company also discontinued the Indigo sedan series as it was so popular in the taxi-segment thanks to the comfort and efficiency. The Indigo had so many variants like XL, Estate and it was the first compact sedan in India but the Dzire made it popular among the mass.



3. Mahindra Verito

The Verito is basically the Renault Logan as they entered India with Mahindra partnership and it is the first sedan of the company. Even though initially sales were good and the sedan was popular in the fleet market thanks to the comfort and low maintenance cost. But sales began to come down steadily in the last couple of years and the company decided to discontinue the model.

4. Mahindra Verito Vibe

The Verito Vibe is the compact sedan variant of Verito as the company reduced the length to be under four meter to get the excise duty benefits. But the chopped rear end gives the look of a hatchback and it was not very well received by the customers. Along with Verito the company discontinued the Vibe also.


5. Mahindra Nuvosport

The Nuvosport is based on the Xylo MPV and the company tried to make a compact SUV with a small budget as they just reduced the length of Xylo. But people didn’t like the design and the model failed in the market miserably. Finally, the company officially discontinued the NuvoSport this year.

Mahindra Nuvosport front

6. Honda Brio

Honda introduced Brio with great expectations in the Indian market but the model didn’t do well as the design was not great especially the rear with all-glass. The minor update didn’t help the hatchback and sales never improved. Finally, Honda discontinued Brio.

Honda Brio Facelift 55

7. Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta was one of the most popular models of VW during its initial times but the volume in the segment began to drop and it affected the Jetta also as customers prefer compact SUVs in the same price point. The company discontinued the Jetta and didn’t introduce the new model in India.

Volkswagen Jetta Touch Screen India

8. Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the world but it was priced at a premium in India and sales were very low as they were losing money. So the company decided to discontinue the model earlier this year in India.

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Images India-1

9. SsangYong Rexton

Mahindra introduced the SsangYong brand in India with Rexton SUV and it was the most expensive model of the company but the market didn’t accept the Rexton. Finally, they had to clear the stock with heavy discount and the model was officially discontinued last month.

Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton India

10. Hyundai Eon

Hyundai introduced Eon as a replacement model for Santro but the model couldn’t replicate the success story of its predecessor. The Eon sales couldn’t meet the expectation of the company and the new Santro, which was launched recently will replace the model soon.