​​C​onfederate Motorcycles Renamed Curtiss Motorcycles​; To Build Electric Bikes


The first electric cruiser by the company, better known as Hercules, will boast of 175 bhp of power and 393 Nm of torque

Confederate Motorcycles, the brand ​well known ​for building engineering marvels and pieces of art ​in the form of its motorbikes is all set to go completely eco-friendly. The company has joined hands with Zero Motorcycles for this purpose and its nomenclature will ​now change to Curtiss Motorcycles. Confederate Motorcycles believe that it has taken the usual route of making motorcycles as far as they could and hence are going all electric now. The agreement was announced at the Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

Talking of the company’s upcoming products, the first one being an all electric cruiser bike with performance figures ​about which ​one simply cannot imagine even in ​the wildest dreams. To be precise, this motorcycle will shed out a whopping 175 bhp of power along with an earth shattering torque of 393 Nm.


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The new electric cruiser bike will be named Hercules and it will be fitted with twin electric motors from the house of Zero motorcycles. This bike is likely to be made at Zero’s production facility in California. The changing of name of the Confederate happened after riots aroused over a Confederate monument in Charlottesville.

As already mentioned, the ​company will ​be moving under a different brand namely Curtiss Motorcycles for all its electric bike ventures. The ​brand has been named after renowned rider and aviator Glenn Curtiss, who has made several motorcycle speed records.


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Currently, the company is busy wrapping up its final 22 ​orders of ​the ​FA-13 Combat Bomber​ that are​ left to be sold before entering a complete eco-friendly arena. The FA-13 is being offered with a five year factory warranty along with five year factory services. Though it cannot be said clearly at the moment whether the pricing for the upcoming electric bikes will also be sky high as the petrol running ones.