TVS Motors Launches TVSM Service Mobile Application

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TVSM Service Mobile Application is one of the unique ways to stay in touch with customers and provide them with information and tips in many ways

TVS Motor Company today launched TVSM Service Mobile Application for all current and prospective owners of TVS two wheelers nationwide.

The application was designed with the intention of providing real time information to the owner of a TVS two wheeler without them needing to get in touch with any dealer or company’s service center. The customer gets first hand information on service needs, mileage, performance, convenience and safety which is now seamlessly delivered through this stored, in-phone application, which is one of the key benefits of application which is more than website.

Service Schedules that will help customers will have information on the recommended service interval with respect to Time and Kilometer for their vehicles. The app will have specifications that will enable current and future customers to know more about vehicle details related to Engine, Electrical, Chassis, Capacities, Tyres, Brakes and Dimensions.

TVSM Service Application

Customers can use the Service Booking feature to book their services appointment online with their preferred dealership for a hassle free service initiation at dealership on their arrival. Customers can locate dealers, check service history, gets tips on extracting more economy and get safety tips too. The app can help get fuel records which helps them get more control on expenditure.

Warranty, News & Updates, Service History are also things that the customer look forward to check in their app for their vehicle. If doesn’t get to you, you can always Contact TVS Motor and they provided for the through customer support. The app will be upgraded from time to time with new features based on users feedback.

Click here for the App Link TVSM Service APP

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