Customised Mahindra Bolero Inspired by Mercedes G55 AMG is here!


Customised Mahindra Bolero inspired by Mercedes G55 AMG has been crafted by Kerala-based tuning firm R&T Auto Catalyst

Mahindra Bolero is certainly one car which can do some real tough tasks. But what if a Mahindra Bolero turns into a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen? Yes, exactly that happened when Kerala-based R&T Auto Catalyst modified a Bolero to give it a G55 AMG like appearance. The modification is so good, that at exterior it’s really tough to identify the car as a Bolero under the skin.

Both the SUVs come with boxy shape, which has helped the car modifier to give the Bolero a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen appearance. Mahindra Bolero’s stock body panels were swapped with G-Wagen mimicking body panels, which are built by R&T Auto Catalyst. The modified SUV comes with similar headlamps, horizontal LED lights, identical front grille with plenty of chrome garnishing, and the similar front bumper as well.


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The front hood, side profile, wheel arches, footboard and taillights also look identical to the G-Wagen. What’s more interesting is that the rear door has been modified exactly like the G-Wagen, which gives it a real G-Wagen like vibe. The modified Bolero runs on wide and meaty AMG replica wheels, which ensures the car looks like a real Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

While the exterior of the car sports plenty of elements making the Bolero look like a genuine G-Wagen, interior of the car has been heavily redesigned as well. Though the interior doesn’t look as much similar to G55 AMG, as the exterior is. It sports a lather wrapped steering wheel with three-star logo on it. Apart from that, the centre console and AC vents come with wooden trims. Unlike G55’s touchscreen infotainment system, this modified car gets a stereo system, while instrument cluster are very different as well.


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Inside the cabin, the modified Mahindra Bolero features new seats, new upholstery, which altogether made an attempt to make the car look like a very upmarket one. On powertrain front the car appears as Bolero only. The 2.5-litre stock turbo diesel engine remains intact under the hood. The car looks like a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen at exterior, but inside it the character of Bolero is still same.

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Source: Motoroids